Online Exclusive: Danny McIntosh on his upcoming British LHW title bid against Tony Bellew

Fighting Fit talks to Danny about the biggest fight of his career

06 February 2012    |    0 Comments

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Image courtesy of: Fighting Fit

Danny McIntosh and Tony 'The Bomber' Bellew have both lost in their last outings, but one man will leave the ring victorious on April 14 as Bellew puts his British Light Heavyweight belt on the line for the first time.

McIntosh (13-2) recently dropped his European title to German Eduard Gutknecht and lost previously to WBO champ Nathan Cleverly back in 2009, forcing a referee stoppage in the 7th round. Cleverly handed Bellew (16-1) his sole defeat in October last year.

Both fighters still hold impressive records, but only one will leave with the title.

In an online exclusive, Danny talks to Fighting Fit about his upcoming fight, his loss to Cleverly and his passion for cooking.

What can we expect from the Bellew fight?

I expect a good, exciting fight. There might be ups and downs for both of us, but I can see a great fight. I’m a completely different fighter to the kid that fought Nathan Cleverly; that was not the real Danny McIntosh. I don’t believe I’ve ever been 100% for a fight because I’ll be a world champion when you see that. Brendan Ingle is always saying, ‘Danny, you’ll win British, Commonwealth, European titles’ and he might say that to all his fighters but it’s that belief system. I’m more composed now, I throw more combinations and we do more core work so the shots are coming off the legs. I’m going to absolutely shock everybody in my next fight.

What has been the highlight of your pro career?

Winning the European title was great but the highlight for me was moving to Sheffield and getting to spar with the likes of Johnny Nelson and Junior Witter, seeing how real training was done.

Outside of boxing, what do you get up to?

I like to cook, go to nice restaurants – I’m a proper foodie. I want to start a couple of businesses, I have mates who are chefs and I’d like to open a food place. I can do Italian, I also like moussaka [an aubergine and meat based Greek dish]. But it’s hard; I made the best lasagne you’ve ever seen in your life the other day and I couldn’t eat any of it. I left my girlfriend and boy in the house and came back when they’d had it. I think I had a mackerel salad with my own dressing.

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