Alan Belcher on his next bout: 'I'm just looking for a win and to solidify myself as a top contender'

James Reader talks to the world ranked middleweight ahead of his rematch with Yushin Okami at UFC 155 on December 29

16 November 2012    |    0 Comments

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What is the top training tip you have for our readers?
I mix everything together and use what works best for me. All the different combat events I've done, the one thing that I've learned is you've got to spar to get ready for your fights and you've got to be in shape. Whatever it may be, you have to drill a lot and make it your job.

Is it more satisfying to get a knockout win or a submission victory?
I'm past that. I've had wins with knockouts, TKOs and submissions. I've kicked somebody in the head a couple of times in my career and knocked them down, I've finished fights with body-shots, I've finished fights with ground-and-pound, submissions from my back, submissions from the top, I've had leg locks, chokes, armbars, a lot of stuff, so I'm just looking for a win and to solidify myself as a top contender in the division and get a title shot. That's what motivates me right now.

How has previously fighting multiple times in one night pushed you as a fighter?
Fighting multiple times in one night - that'll test your character right there. I've done that in Toughman, I did it in Korea, and when I won the belt in Xtreme Fight League I won three fights in one night. At that time, if you could get a shot at it, it was a great way to get three wins in one night and draw a lot of attention. It takes a certain level mentally and physically to do that. When you go back to the locker room, you've got a headache, you're dehydrated, you've got to get your fluids back, get your sugar right, eat some fruit, and you don't feel like you're ready to go out there and fight again, so mentally you've got to get yourself ready.

How much of an influence has Duke Roufus been on your style?
When I first hooked up with Duke I was between coaches and I felt like I needed someone to mentor me and run everything for me. He invited me to come up and I was really introduced to the world of kickboxing on a different level of technique. He had some higher level guys. You couldn't make a mistake or you would get kicked in the head. I trained really hard and I took my kickboxing to another level. Duke was still learning the MMA game, so our styles meshed and he started developing a team up there. I used to go up there for six weeks at a time but a couple of years ago I changed it to four weeks, and now I have little babies my last couple of fights I went up there two weeks before and then Duke goes with me to the UFC for a week. He's a big part of my camp and I love having him there in my corner. He's been a big influence on me for sure.

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